In Bruges

Something a little bit different for Movie Title Wednesday this week…you don’t get one image, you get a BUNCH of images! Yay!

My portrait photography business has been ramping up here in the last few weeks so my time out shooting brackets has dwindled. Not to mention putting that photobook together has really sucked down my time. So now appears to be the right time to bust out these shots from Bruges, Belgium that I took this past July.

And what better movie title than In Bruges could you possibly use for this? I dare anyone out there to find one! If you haven’t seen the movie, you should rent it…of course, be prepared for a dark comedy with foul language, violence and midgets. This is one of my most favorite films of all time.

When I was there in Bruges back in July, I immediately knew that the big square in the middle of town with the giant church was the same from the film, and it was kind of awesome to stand in the same place that they filmed part of the movie. Maybe because I never thought I’d go to Bruges and suddenly I was standing there.

The thing about Bruges is that you honestly can’t take a bad picture. I could have shot for weeks and probably not gotten all the subtle nuances of this medieval city. Most of the images you see above were all shot with my 50mm 1.4 and I couldn’t love them more. I had been using the 17-35 for most of my time there and decided that for the last few hours, I’d switch to the 50mm and see the city in a new way. It’s amazing how much different everything looked to me through that lens.

The photos above are mostly of “the city”, but I have another slideshow planned for another day of “the people”…random shots of life in Bruges. If I could open up a thriving portraiture photography business anywhere in the world, it would probably be there. In Phoenix, you look for cool locations to do photoshoots…in Bruges, the ENTIRE town is a location. You could shoot people anywhere and it would look amazing.

I hope you enjoy these few photos. We actually printed off at least 5-8 of these from the slideshow and put some of them up in the house.  I know a few of these grouped together would make for some great wall art in YOUR house too *grin*

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  1. Michael Petersheim
    Michael Petersheim says:

    Hmm… you really had me there for a minute; in your first reference to the 50mm lens, you actually say 500mm. I kinda brushed across it and thought “Isn’t a 500 a little long for use in town?”, kept on reading and didn’t notice that you later refer to it as a 50mm. I went back and reread part of it again, and really did a double-take when I noticed you said 500mm 1.4! If you ever find such a lens, let me know… 🙂

  2. Heath O'Fee
    Heath O'Fee says:

    Theses are fantastic! Love that you shared a bunch of these at once, let’s us really get a feel for the city!

    And I agree…In Bruges is an AWESOME movie 🙂

  3. Kelli Boling
    Kelli Boling says:

    Love these shots, what an amazing city. I took my 50 1.4 to New York a year ago and did the same thing – put away the wide angle/zoom to see the city differently. It really is amazing how it changes your perspective!

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