First Look: The Kruckenberg family {phoenix family photographer}

I’m writing this entry about 5 hours after the photoshoot I did tonight with the Kruckenberg family. I recently purchased a new laptop to help speed up the processing time for things just like tonight. And I have to say…the comparison between my old laptop and the new one is like a 1930’s Ford Pickup to the Starship Enterprise going Warp 10. Sorry to drop some nerdiness on you, but I’m going nuts over this thing. Needless to say, the ease at which I busted out these photos was mind-numbing.

The Kruckenbergs are great friends of ours. Brian is the guy who is starting Day Twelve in downtown Phoenix (and we’re a part of it too), the church that put on the big First Friday event I was part of last month and is continuing to use their space as a gallery. They like to get photos done every year and I was excited they asked me to do their 2010 edition. Because, honestly, when you are working with a good-looking family like the Krucks…they make your photos look better 🙂

We decided to do the shoot downtown because of the way their lives (and ours) are suddenly entangled in the urban Phoenix environment. I love it down there…and Sunday was chilly, windy and absolutely beautiful.

Thanks so much guys for letting me do this for you!



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  • brian

    mike…thanks for doing a great job with our family last night. A bossy 3 (almost 4) year old and an obstinate 6 (almost 7) year old stood no chance in front of your camera. thanks for capturing our new surroundings in urban phoenix and giving us some great shots to share with family and friends this holiday season.

  • jody

    Great job Mike! Beautiful pics of a beautiful family!!

  • jina

    i can’t decide which is my favorite… kind of like the krucks themselves! 🙂

  • Trevor Dayley

    Another fabulous set! Love the colors and that black and white of him is rockin! So sharp and perfect.

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