The foggy beach of Oceanside

Over the weekend we moved to a temporary residence on the California coast for a little rest and relaxation. I have a feeling a lot of people would have been bummed by the foggy skies that persisted most days until at least 4pm, and on Sunday they never left. Being an Arizona desert boy, hating the heating and loving weather, I obviously didn’t mind the fog, and was soaking up the chilly, breezy air in the Oceanside area.

I was so relaxed most of the time, I ended up with no desire to find some cool tidal pools to do some long-exposure sunset photos. But I snapped a few on the beach close by us and on one of the mornings the fog was really thick and these shots were all taken then.

Fog is cool obviously, I’m nowhere near the first to photography it nor love it…but it’s amazing how it kind of pulls you into a scene and creates a weird, quiet mystery about what you’re seeing.

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