Flight of the Navigator

Okay, I had two choices tossing around in my head for the title today in my weekly Movie Title Wednesday post. The first was obviously Close Encounters, but it’s so overdone and overused whenever someone has a picture of a spaceship-like cloud formation. So I skipped it.

Flight of the Navigator…wow, for some reason this was a movie that made an impact on me growing up. Maybe it was the idea of a kid being whisked away, his parents having no idea he, ahem, traveled through time, and now appears to them eight years later, not having aged at all and they all thought he was dead. Maybe it was the sci-fi angle and I’m sure I loved that kind of stuff even back then. I had to look up when this film came out…1986…yikes, I was 11. I don’t think I had a clue who Paul Ruebens was back then, but he was the voice of the spaceship. Crazy.

Wow, and as I’m typing this, I remembered the line, “Compliance!

Anyways, this photo kind of reminded me of the spaceship in the movie and how it would convert from a sort of oval blob to a stretched out, sleek looking speed machine. This was yet another photo from my trip to northern Arizona back in May, a journey that seems to have yielded an endless supply of brackets for me to return to again and again. The clouds were fun that day and this guy was a storm that was fading out…and it just hovered over the ground like some giant space vessel.

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