Cloudy skies over Phoenix

Looking at the above shot, you might think it was taken with an iPhone and processed with that awesome software iPhone photos use. No, I don’t have one, but I want one someday. Just praying Verizon actually gets the iPhone in January.

But no, that photo was actually taken with my Rebel XSi out of the 19th floor window of my office building. They are dirty, dirty, dirty windows. But I kind of like it sometimes, especially when you chose to process photos with a sort of faded, older look to them.

These aren’t anything special…meaning I didn’t take them thinking they would be sellable or anything. I just love weather and storms, and while at work, sometimes I just have to walk over to the window and snap photos of unusual cloudy skies.

Yesterday morning we had some surprisingly cloudy skies, with rain falling in a few random places. Some of the clouds just looked “different” than normal.  I think maybe because a few looked huge enough to be dropping pouring rain and lightning, but they ended up just floating by.

Anyways, I do love the view out of the windows of my office…someday I hope to shoot a lightning storm from them.

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