I can’t explain it. I try to, but people tend to just look at me like I’m weird. Unless you are a weather junkie like me. But there is something majestic, mysterious and powerful about giant cumulus clouds that have an imminent chance of turning nasty, dropping rain and sending lightning streaking to the earth. I could stare at them all day.

So as we’re heading home from Williams last week, I keep seeing this cloud in my rear view mirror, craning my neck and it’s killing me not to stop and photograph it. Lucky for me, the guy I was driving with smokes and the promise of multiple smoke breaks on the way back to Phoenix was a nice way to fulfill my desire to stop every 20 miles.

I took this at the Sunset Point rest area, a popular spot for drivers on I-17 between Flagstaff and Phoenix. It was crowded, lots of trucks and people, so I walked aways to get to this little frontage road. I had no way of getting a shot without a road in it (which is not a bad thing at all), so I took advantage of the lines and rested my tripod low to the ground.

I commented on Twitter last week about how sometimes you get the first look at a new, merged HDR photo and just smile because you know it’s awesome. Well, this was that photo. Obviously, that opinion is subjective and it may have a lot to do with my love of clouds. The Arizona sky was just gorgeous that day, this cloud was just floating there like a giant island in the sky and I love the road running off into the distance creating some depth to the shot.

Six brackets, Photomatix 4 Beta, CS5, etc.

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  1. Bill McCarroll
    Bill McCarroll says:

    Great shot Mike. I’m a weather junkie too but have to be patient and wait for winters in SanDiego for these kind of clouds. This is really nice, glad you stopped to capture it.

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