Some fireworks

As far as vantage points go, the place my groups of friends went to watch fireworks was awesome. Rooftop on the balcony of this airplane hangar at the little Chandler Airpark by my house. Tumbleweed Park is one of the more popular places for fireworks on our side of town, so there were cars EVERYWHERE along the roads, pulled off into the desert and I don’t even want to think what the park itself looked like.

This was out of the way and we had a secret exit out across the airport to avoid all the traffic after it was over.

These are just a few of the shots I took. Never shot fireworks before, I wouldn’t have minded being closer or having a big zoom lens, but it was fun to do this finally and see what it was like. Next year I may try to hit Tempe Town Lake instead to see what I can do there.

I like this next shot with the crescent shape also in the frame from an airplane.

Black and white below..kind of like this one.

The Grand Finale, lasted all of about 8 seconds, was seriously lame.

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