Revisiting the Grand Falls in northern Arizona

Some of you may remember a photo or two I posted from my trip to Grand Falls in May…I posted a few shots of it…one here and one here.  I think I processed this one as a black and white first and posted it in a few  random places, like Flickr and JPG Mag. But I was looking back through my photos the other day and realized I’d always wanted to see this one as an HDR and just forgot about it.

I love the scope and details that you can see in the shot. Clicking on the photos for the larger version takes away some of the sharpness, but the details are still there.

What’s interesting about the falls is all the junk that is collected in the lower left portion of the photo. Most of what you can see are from trees and dead foliage captured along the way, but there are definitely some “man-made” objects down there as well.

This is definitely a place I plan on revisiting next March, hopefully after a nice, snowy season for the high country. The flow over the Falls when it’s peak is pretty amazing from what I’ve seen in photos. I need to see that in person.

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  1. Trevor Dayley
    Trevor Dayley says:

    WOW! This picture is absolutely amazing. What a beautiful place. You did an amazing job with HDR processing as well to make sure its not over done. Just perfect.

  2. heidiannemorris
    heidiannemorris says:

    WOW Mike, the full screen version is superb ! If you do pop back, put someone in the shot for a sense of scale for me or better still I’ll stand there ! lol x Are those tree trunks in the water below? Incredible scene :O)

  3. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Mike, I was there once in early April when the river was in full flood — and I watched both a car and a dead cow go over the falls. Beautiful image.

  4. Jeff Welker
    Jeff Welker says:

    One of the best images I’ve seen of the Grand Falls. Wonderfull lighting. This photo is filled with detail. I see something new everytime I look at it.


  5. Tara Roark
    Tara Roark says:

    I am looking for a picture like this to use in a montage that I am working on. I need a high resolution picture of this. I am interested in other angles of the Grand Falls. They do not need to be edited. Please contact me if you can help me out. Thanks!

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