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One of the most supportive people in my life is of course my wife Jina. That would be an understatement anyways, because without her, nothing I am doing now would likely have happened. I mean that.

But if there was anyone else in my life who is always on my side when it comes to anything I do, it’s my cousin…uh…Captain Schwartz. Okay, that is not his real name, but he’s not too fond of putting his real name out on the internet and I respective his privacy. He chooses to go by Schwartz, so I follow suit! He has to be one of my biggest fans.

Anyways, he sort of reminded me yesterday that I hadn’t updated my official print gallery with some of my more recent work. And he was right…it’s been over a month at least and I haven’t put a single new image up there.

So last night I got busy and dropped in 28 more prints that I’ve taken over the last month or two. The slideshow above is of all the new stuff I added. I Hope you enjoy them. If you follow my work at all, these aren’t all going to be new or never-before-seen…but maybe you missed some of them along the way.

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