The Tempe Hayden Flour Mill after dark

Residents of Phoenix and those that know Tempe well enough realize how smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-everything this old Hayden Flour Mill is located. It’s right on the main drag of Mill Avenue, one of the hottest spots for weekend nightlife in Phoenix. You can see another shot I took of it from Monday and all the new buildings around it. It was a struggle to get a wide angle shot of the entire structure while making sure there was almost nothing to indicate it was in the middle of a super-busy area.  I found a nice spot up against A-Mountain, got low and other than a snippet of a newer structure on the left, I think it almost looks like an isolated old flour mill in the middle of nowhere.

My only wish was that the city lights behind it hadn’t been so bright…maybe a few more stars would have shown up. I love the shadows on this structure even though it was at night. Such a great looking old building, I only wish I could grab a really wide angle lens and get inside the fence someday *grin*

Technobabble for my photog compadres: This was an experiment in processing HDR in a way. I essentially started with a single RAW 30-second exposure in Photoshop, changed some contrast and lightning, then I dropped in the HDR version as a lower layer and masked in some details I liked.  It’s a little reverse of how I normally do it and I liked the results.

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