The mattress

This was another spectacle on my drive to Grand Falls that caused me to flip the car around and head back to the side of the road.

Where did it come from? Did someone toss it to the side of the road whilst moving at 80 mph? Did it just blow in from the land to the left of the road, where nothing existed?

How long has it been there and no one taken it down? You’d think a police officer or national forest ranger would make it a point to remove this unsightly obstruction. I’m glad they didn’t.

I thought it was amazing. I love the randomness of things, those out of place (if you can find them and notice them) objects or scenes that speak to you. Here’s a beautiful, northern Arizona landscape, with low hills, gorgeous clouds…and stuck to a long barbed wire fence is an old, trashed mattress  trying to entice you into taking a second look.

Well it worked.

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