Sunset on the ol’ railroad tracks

I’ve taken quite a few photographs from this spot over the last 6 months. It’s amazing to think it’s only about 2 miles from my house (for now, until we move). I rarely try to dip from the same well more than once, but this place is fond to me. And I do try to go there for different reasons when I do.

And as far as I know, they are rarely, if ever, used because I’ve stood there for a long time and never have seen a train.

Last night we had some rainy-ish looking clouds roll through and while there appeared to be stuff falling from them, it seems to be only virga that never hit the ground.

The lines of the rails never goes in the direction of the setting sun, so I sat there praying the virga would be ignited by the final gasps of sunlight, and while I wasn’t completely disappointed, it definitely didn’t pop the way I’d hoped.

Click on the photo for a larger view.

Technobabble: Two, 3-bracket HDRs merged in photoshop.

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    I like the longer focal length panels put together for the width. It preserves perspective and doesn’t get exaggerated like wide-angle HDRs sometimes look. I did something like a 12 panel panorama a year or so ago with three exposure brackets using a 50mm f-1.4. I liked the effect. It runs in the slide show at the top of my blog banner … although only something like 60% of the width is in that version. The same thing is effective in HDR moutain panoramas. It has a quite different look than the same width done in HDR with a wider lens and cropped. But more work.

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