A few more photos from the Mormon Temple

Last week I posted a few shots from the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple, but still had a few more I processed over the weekend. Whereas those were black and whites (which I love!), these are all HDR photos.

The fountain in the first shot appears there and the bottom photo. It was somewhat dusky out when I took the fountain shot, so I could do a longer exposure than if it was high-noon, hence the water has a smoother look.

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  1. Alma
    Alma says:


    I really like your photos. I am somewhat of an ignoramus on digital photography though. What does HDR mean and how do you get such high detail in your photos? The photo from the west end of the SL Temple is wonderful but gives me vertigo.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Hey Alma,

    HDR is the method of taking 3 or more exposures of a scene (preferably on a tripod) at different light/exposure levels. For example, -2,0,+2. This basically gives you three shots with bright levels, normal levels and dark levels. You can get the entire spectrum of detail that way.

    Then you use software like Photomatix or Photoshop to blend them into an HDR photo. After that, there are post-HDR-processing you can do, like noise reduction, sharpening, color adjustments, etc.

    You can Google it for more, or check out this site: http://www.stuckincustoms.com.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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