Welcome to Mike Olbinski Photography!

This is the new home of my photographic endeavors and I welcome all those that find their way here!

If you know who I am already and are looking for ways to keep up with my work, here are a few quick, simple ways:

Wow, it’s insane the ways you can follow a simple little website.

For those that might be new here and have no clue who I am, you can read the about section to get a quick little backstory, or you can read below on a little blurb about the purpose of all of this.

I love to take pictures, I think that’s easy enough to figure out. My baby girl is often a major focal point of my camera, but I have a serious craving for snapping photos of weather, landscapes and the general outdoors. Storm chasing is sort of a passion of mine, but you don’t see many tornadoes and serious supercells out in Arizona.

My photos have been well-received and a few have even been purchased, so I want to try to take this to another level, whatever that may be. I’d love to collect some of my work and sit at an art show booth a few times a year, just to see what that is like.

I hope the stuff I shoot and the way I interpret the world around me appeals to you and just maybe you’ll stick around and watch what comes next.

Likely you wont have to wait long…my camera never seems to stop snapping.

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