Funny story…

…so this car is stuck in mud in a wash/river bed where I take photos now and then. Awhile ago I was there, walked up the other side and when I looked back, a cop was by my car. He told me when I came back that it was a hot spot for stolen cars to be dumped. Crazy.

So today I stop by here and I see this car. Stuck in the mud. Window open. Who would drive a Saturn down into a wash? I figured it was stolen of course, so I snapped this photo of it, looked in the window (saw nothing except a lot of STUFF, which should have tipped me off), and decided to call 911 to report a stolen vehicle.

I’m on the phone with the 911 operator and suddenly the car door opens and a guy looks out at me…says he’s just stuck and a friend is coming.

Freaked me out. Freaks me out thinking I was right up by the car kind of peering in and if he had popped his head up at any time, I probably would have CRAPPED my pants 🙂

Anyways…weird stuff happens when you look for things to shoot.

(I still think something fishy was going on. Like the guy was drunk and just drove down some gully like an idiot)

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