Photographing Jefferson, Texas in HDR

Over Thanksgiving we visited Jefferson, Texas to stay with Jina’s parents at The Hale House Inn, the bed and breakfast that they run in this small town. For such a small town, it’s amazing that there are THIRTY bed and breakfasts!

In spite of all the family time, decorating the house, eating tons of food, I was able to get away on a few occasions to snap some photos. All of these are HDR (high dynamic range) and I’ll be posting a follow-up that only includes regular photos.

Hope you enjoy them!

2009-11-21 The Hale House

This is The Hale House Inn itself in all its glory.


One of my favorite photos from my time there. I was snapping shots of an old trailer and house when I spotted the cris-crossing lines from the setting sun. Turned out amazing! I’m actually getting a print of this from Kathy Wild, who we just did family photos for.


The old, now defunct railroad bridge crossing The Bayou into Jefferson.


Working railroad tracks, with the old bridge off to the right in the background.


And old car under a great old tree. Love this one!


This house was partially destroyed by arson. Sad in a way, but beautiful for a guy like me.


Another shot of the house, this from the other side.


Another old, abandoned house in Jefferson.

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