Springfield rain and sunset photos

I spent an incredibly long time in the Springfield airport this past Friday. We finished up a bit early and so I arrived at the airport around noon for a 4:20 flight. That flight turned into 5:20 and then 6:30, meaning I would miss my connection to Phoenix in Memphis. I ended up having to book on Allegiant for a 9:35pm departure and arrival late Friday night.

But sometimes there are blessings when you least expect them, and this was also the case Friday night. While booking my Allegiant ticket, I looked outside the small airport and noticed a glorious sunset going on, so I rushed outside.

Two of the sunset pictures appear below, but first is a rain shot I took on Thursday night during a major downpour. A storm had been soaking the entire Midwest, dumped tons of snow in Colorado and was responsible for my delays on Friday night.

This first photo is black and white and I’m kind of proud of the lighting effect enhancing the rain.


Here are the two sunset photos. This first one is looking at an on-site Doppler radar system.


This is a more zoomed in photo…the sun is glowing so bright and the Doppler radar globe itself it lit up with the same glow. Kind of cool.


This last one is looking at the airport itself, with the clouds rushing overhead. I did a 30-second exposure on a tripod to get the cloud effect.


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