Some recent HDR photography

I wrote not too long ago about my first real HDR photo, which you can read if you missed it. Basically it’s the art of combining three or more photos of one scene, shot at different light levels, and turn them into a surreal looking finished product.

I’ve been really going nuts with it in the last week and I think my abilities in this manner area really getting better.

I’m posting the best ones of the bunch below, hope you enjoy.

(Each photo has a caption below it describing what the scene is and where it was shot)


This photo of the contrails in the sky and train tracks has received so much praise I’m truly humbled by it. It got an Approver’s Choice on and a few people have mentioned wanting a print of it.

What people seem to like about it is the motion of the lines and the way the train tracks draw you deep into the picture, while the contrails seem to point you another direction.

Very proud of it.


This is a very old well pump that resides on an Indian reservation over on Queen Creek just west of Price Road. HDR really works with contrasting scenes and colors, and so the crazy cloudy skies seemed like a good fit for snapping photos of different structures.


This is an evening photo of The Coffee Shop over by Joe’s Farm Grill.


This was taken a few days after the other train track photo and in the same location. This spot is each of Arizona Avenue on Hunt Highway.


I took this one Saturday morning from a little desert park on Chandler Heights and Lindsay. The skies were amazing with building cumulus and the contrast of the desert plants and cacti really worked here.


Another shot from the park…these are water flow gates.


I really like this one…the road curves off into neverland and the clouds really add mystery to it.


Here’s a shot of a Prickly Pear cactus watches the stormy clouds.


Finally, a pond in the same area…I love the detail of the clouds, especially out on the horizon.

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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Your first picture… simple amazing, it looks strange, mars like, yet Earthen – I cannot explain. I also like Arizona Avenue a few days afterward – again the train tracks reach out of sight, a blue tone adds a beautiful colour to the picture, keep it up 😀

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