Photographing around Joe's Farm Grill

Most Friday evenings you can find us at Joe’s Farm Grill for dinner. On Fridays they have their special Fish Fry, which I absolutely love, so it’s usually the day we go. Of course, it’s our favorite place to eat, especially this time of year, so we can sometimes even end up there more than once a week. *grin*

One of the attractions of JFG is the location and the picturesque nature of the surroundings. Someone much better than me could probably find hundreds of things to photograph. Still, on Friday after dinner, we walked around the area and I took pictures of whatever I thought was interesting and ended up with the photo below.

This is also the place where we had photos taken of Lyla and us last year.

Hope you guys enjoy these shots from around Joes!

The sign for Joes


This is an old tin roofed barn-like structure next to The Coffee Shop, right next to JFG.


Here is a picture of The Coffee Shop and one of its walls. I just loved this shot.


A building next to The Coffee Shop used for various things.



I like this shot of an old flatbed wagon next to the barn and sign.


This last one is another HDR photo of The Coffee Shop with a gorgeous sunset going on around it. I really, really love this shot.


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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    Thanks Josie! Thanks for the tip, although now I try to post on Flickr and JPG Mag and it’s almost too much 🙂

    BTW, if you want to see my other stuff and follow things I don’t always post here, I usually put my best stuff on JPG:

    There is an RSS feed for it on that page, Jina keeps up with it that way 🙂

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