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2009-11-13-Tracks-IMG_2573There may be some photographers that like to take pictures and just never show them to people. I am definitely not one of those people.

I like to share what I do…I tend to be that way with most things. If I like a good book, or a quality movie or television series, chances are I am going to share it with you.

Photography is no different. The problem for me though is that I post this stuff in a few places and it gets somewhat tiresome and confusing for everyone. I want people to see my work and know what I’m doing. I believe some of my photographs might sell, so it’s even more important for me to make sure it’s all seen.

Some of you may not know the best ways to do that. I post stuff on Twitter, Facebook and here. But there are three places where I’m really focusing my efforts, which I’ll list below. Hopefully these choices will allow you to choose where you want to view them.

I will still post a lot of photos here on my blog of course, especially family photos, but I may not get all my work on A Mike Life, hence these other places.

(below I mention an RSS reader/feed a few times. If you want to use one, try Google Reader. I recommend a RSS reader, it’s a great way to keep up with blogs and other informative sites out there)

JPG Magazine

This site is a high-quality, very professional photographer community. They publish a magazine a few times a year and your photos could appear in it. They like photo essays too, which means not only your pictures could get published, but also a story. They focus on themes and challenges, which have really helped me be creative. The community is fantastic and exploring thousands of photos has helped me get better.

Now you can just bookmark my JPG page by going here. If you want to follow along on your RSS Reader, then use this link. There is also an RSS feed for stories, which I’ve written three and plan on doing a few more.

On JPG I post all my best stuff. Weather, objects, people, whatever…this is probably the best place to follow other than my blog here.


This site is completely dedicated to weather and the outdoors, so that’s the only kinds of photos I post there. There are tons posted everyday. I will occasionally post things there that don’t make it to JPG, so if you want to see only weather stuff, than you can bookmark this link and then check it every so often.


This is the final place I post. It’s usually behind and I upload to it once or twice a week. It’s just another place to get my work out there to so I use it and it’s home to bazillions of photos. You can bookmark my Photostream or subscribe to the RSS feed.

The Future

I have a lot of things tumbling around in my head right now. I know there is someone out there who already wants to buy a print of one of my photos and I need to figure out the right way to do things. This site may get a redesign soon to accommodate a few things, but we’ll see.

I love your comments and appreciate everyone who follows what I do…it means so much to me.

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