Sunday sunset photos

I love to take sunrise and sunset photos, but usually I need clouds to motivate me. Without them, the scene could look like any other day, but with them…you can a unique look and feel that can’t ever be replicated.

We finally had some clouds in the sky Sunday night after around 4-5 days of complete and utter sunshine. Ick! I trekked west on Riggs and landed just on the other side of I-10, and then took some shots around the fountain just when Sun Lakes begins.

Hope you enjoy!





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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hey Mike. Great photos. Steve, formerly of flickslists, here. I check out your blog from time to time and was interested to see that you’ve taken up photography. I just bought a refurbished Canon EOS about three weeks ago. I am planning on putting up my own website (or at least posting on Flickr) soon. Look forward to seeing more great weather shots. Take care.

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    It’s a Rebel XT. What are you using? It has already started to get in my blood. I will be sure to check out your page on jpgmag.

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