Some Springfield photos

So Springfield has been fun so far, but today got a little boring. Last night we had a major dinner with one of the sales managers and the tab had to have been over $500. A great little Italian place, we had a three-course meal and all of it was so unbelievably good, it’s impossible to describe it.

But like I said, today was a bit boring. Most of the testing on my stuff is done and the rest is more sitting around and supporting anything that comes up. Thankfully, I took advantage of the downtime to leave the warehouse where we were testing to walk down a little road for about 100 feet to snap some shots of some old houses and fall colors.

I totally loved this old little house/shed (whatever it was)…the paint was peeling off and just looked awesome.  As you can see in the photos below, it’s essentially the subject of all four shots.

Here they are below.





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