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I take a lot of weather photos and pictures of family, but I’m also branching off into whatever else I find interesting. This website I joined (my profile right here) constantly challenges people to photograph different themes, like Decay, or Halloween, Nostalgia, etc. That motivates me to think more and look for stuff to shoot that I wouldn’t ordinarily go after.

This first photo is an entry I did for their Halloween Fright theme, which looks like it was tough, but it just required two photographs and some Photoshop magic.

Ghost in the Mirror


This next photo was taken on Gilbert Road through a fence where a bunch of tractors and trucks sit around waiting to be purchased I guess. I thought the graffiti added an interesting element to the scene and this is what came of it:


An old, decayed wall near by office building downtown.


Taken this morning (Oct 21st)…the main bright star you see is Venus against the sunrise over San Tan Mountain.

2009-10-21-Venus - IMG_0653

Took this one a few weeks ago with my old camera. It’s enhanced a bit with Photoshop to give it a sort of “metallic” feel, but it’s the perspective and clouds that make it I think.


This last one is kind of cute I thought…as I was out trying to photograph a meteor shower this morning, these horses in a farm next to me woke up and one of them stared at me for awhile *grin*


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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Great shots. I especially like the one of the truck and the car. I was hoping to shoot some of the meteor shower yesterday morning, but didn’t see much.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Thanks Jina!

    Steve: Went out two mornings in a row to snap meteor photos and failed both times. It’s tough. I think I need a wide-angle lens next time.

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