Scenes from the sky

I’m in Springfield, Missouri this week for work, which is making for very long days. Not only am I far away from home and missing Jina and Lyla, but for the most part I’m hanging with “strangers” for almost 12 hours a day, including breakfast, work, lunch, work and dinner. Most people know I like to keep to myself when I travel, so I can read, write and do whatever, so this has been tough so far (and it’s only Tuesday afternoon!).

So to break up the monotony of my day, I’m taking a break while everyone else scurries about to post a few pictures I took on the way up here.

I flew from Phoenix to Denver, where it was snowing and 34 degrees when I landed. On the way we flew over the Rocky Mountains, which had peaks dusted in new snow and lots of puffy clouds around. I absolutely loved seeing all the white and really got a kick out of the white stuff sprinkling down on the tarmac.

Here they are, hope you enjoy them as much as I did seeing it all from the plane!






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