Phoenix Engagement Photographer

I’ve photographed countless weddings where I met my clients for the first time. We always have an amazing time and the photos turn out awesome. Engagement sessions aren’t a vital part of our relationship. But I still find them incredibly valuable and rewarding. I love the opportunity to hang out with you guys for a few hours and really see how you are together, how you interact and to even warm up a bit on stuff we will do on your wedding day.

Plus I think they are a blast. It’s a relaxing time just to get to know each other. My favorite thing is to meet up for a drink beforehand, chill out for a bit, have a few laughs and then we start walking and taking pictures. It helps ease some of the nervousness and tension, because let’s face it…getting in front of a camera isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do! By the end of the evening, you’ve learned who I am and how I work, and I know a ton more about you. It makes us a better team when the big day gets here.

What to Expect

An engagement session is basically like a date where I get to tag along! Something you’ve always dreamed about right?

Seriously, they are a lot of fun! Once you’ve booked your session, we’ll start talking about where we want to go. This part is always fun because every couple is different. I’ve been all over for engagement sessions. Urban grunge, parks, Antelope Canyon, an airplane museum, the snow, the middle of the Salt River, the desert, the forest, the snow and even a gun range! This is your time to let your personalities shine through. Where do YOU want to go? Of course, not everyone knows for sure what they want to do, and that’s where I can help. I’d love to work with you guys to find the perfect locations for your photoshoot.

Once the day gets here, like I mentioned above, we’ll meet for a drink if possible, and then head out. We’ll hit our spots, maybe find something cool or different along the way and maybe, just maybe, end the evening with a spectacular sunset!


Most of the time couples are looking for engagement photos to use as save-the-dates, to have photos for their wedding guest book, maybe frames hanging around the room or even as centerpieces. A lot of the time it’s just for the fun of it!  But either way, you’ll want to try and have it done well before your wedding just to ensure you have plenty of time to use the images as you see fit.

If you are booking a wedding with me, your packages may have an engagement session already included. Otherwise we can add one off for a discounted rate.

Many couples come to me from out of state and just want their photos taken in Arizona…like Sedona, Horseshoe Bend or just something in the desert. Or they aren’t sure yet when the wedding will be and aren’t ready to book quite yet. I love to work with couples like this, even if it’s just to catch a glimpse of their story for a brief time.

If you want to book an engagement session, click right here and send me a note! If you are wanting a wedding too, please visit my inquiry page.