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  • Monsoon II (Blu-Ray Disc)

    I was in Avondale when storms looked to be dying out, but way out west I thought I saw a base just hanging out I went for it. Finally as we neared Tonopah the cloud tops went up and the bolts started raining down. One of the most incredible lightning shows I've seen. Lasted for 45 minutes, created strong dusty outflow and had some amazing colors.

    This 9-minute short film is the culmination of 48 days of chasing storms in Arizona during the summer monsoon.  You can view it online here:

  • The Chase (Blu-Ray Disc)

    20150601 Rapid City 01-0592-Edit

    The Chase was photographed over the course of 14 days in April, May and June across the central plains of the United States. It’s a five-minute long short film made up of time-lapse clips shot in 10-different states. Also include an hour behind-the-scenes clip film made up of dash camera and GoPro video. You can view the film right here: The Chase

  • The Chase + Monsoon II (Blu-Ray Disc)

    This is a single Blu-Ray disc that contains both Monsoon II and The Chase, plus the BTS video for The Chase.

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