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As I’ve grown as a photographer, it’s undeniable that any of that would have happened without the inspiration and guidance of others. From close friends to total strangers, a photographer can learn so much just by viewing the work of their peers.

But there is more to inspiration than just looking. Much more.

Networking and building relationships with my fellow photographers has been an unexpected blessing from pursuing this line of work. From first meeting a couple of local guys to growing a Twitter network across the country to leading 20+ person photowalks here in Phoenix…some of my favorite times are meeting up with these guys and taking pictures together. Learning from each others. Laughing. Forging friendships.

I’ve been part of some awesome excursions in the last year. A trip to an abandoned dog track north of Phoenix. Three downtown Phoenix photowalks. An all day trip to northern Arizona to see Grand Falls. I love that stuff.

If you are interested in any of that stuff, just drop me a line via the various methods here. Otherwise below is a short little calendar of upcoming events.


One of my favorite methods of processing images is HDR, or high dynamic range. I love to teach HDR and help others learn the correct techniques for doing it professionally. It’s a tough skill to master right away and the learning curve is huge. My hope is to give people a good starting point and let them evolve and grow on their own.

We’ve held one workshop so far, called HDR: A Primer, on February 26th. You can read more about the workshop here and see some post-thoughts right here.

None scheduled at this time, but if there is enough interest I’ll look into getting another one on the calendar.

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