Heather & Stephen’s Engagement in Sedona

February 8, 2016/by Mike

Cam & Josh’s Engagement Session in Downtown Phoenix

February 4, 2016/by Mike

This was 2015

December 31, 2015/by Mike

A sneak with Josh and Carol

December 23, 2015/by Mike

Heather and Stephen

December 21, 2015/by Mike

Heather and Brandon’s engagement session in Oak Creek and Sedona

December 2, 2015/by Mike

Esther and Sam’s engagement session at the Grand Canyon

October 16, 2015/by Mike

Ally & Justin’s Engagement Session

August 20, 2015/by Mike

Alex and Chris’ engagement session

July 14, 2015/by Mike

A sneak from Alex and Chris’ engagement session

May 21, 2015/by Mike

Chris and Kathryn’s engagement session

May 5, 2015/by Mike

Karie and Robbie’s engagement shoot in Oak Creek and Sedona

March 23, 2015/by Mike

Brandon and Tiffanie’s engagement session in Sedona

February 12, 2015/by Mike

Kelsey and Jesse’s engagement session in Prescott

February 11, 2015/by Mike

Kevin and Angelynn’s engagement session at Antelope Canyon

February 10, 2015/by Mike

Kara and Ian’s comic engagement session in Glendale

February 6, 2015/by Mike

Sarah & Shawn’s anniversary session

January 6, 2015/by Mike

This was 2014

January 5, 2015/by Mike

A engagement session sneak from Horseshoe Bend

December 30, 2014/by Mike

An engagement sneak from Antelope Canyon

December 20, 2014/by Mike

Kristen and Jason from last night

November 21, 2014/by Mike

Bill and Chelsea’s Mogollon Rim engagement session

September 23, 2014/by Mike

Jessica and Matt’s engagement session in Flagstaff

July 30, 2014/by Mike

Some engagement sneaks

June 25, 2014/by Mike