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  1. […] I’m doing other things, I can live vicariously through awesome local stormchasing pros like Mike Olbinski, Bryan Hellman, Bryan Snyder, and Larry Reeves among […]

  2. […] to do with the movie with the same title (which is hilarious by the way)…  Part of me misses Mike Olbinski’s movie title themed posts too, so I decided to steal his idea for […]

  3. […] man Mike Olbinski does a great series most Wednesdays called “Movie Title Wednesday”.  Today he was kind enough […]

  4. […] missed a post, even with all my traveling!  Soon after, I was ‘pressured’ by Mike Olbinski and Heath O’Fee to join Twitter – I was reluctant as first, but I now see as the […]

  5. […] culture related. I read Young House Love for DIY decorating inspiration. I read my husband’s photography blog, because he is the jelly to my peanut butter. Religiously, I read the Pleated Poppy on […]

  6. […] to shoot any of the storms.  This was how it went:  Ring Ring Ring. ME: Hello.  Oh what’s up Mike.  MIKE:  Dude, this storm is EPIC!!! Where are you?  Get your ass out here.  ME:  No can do […]

  7. […] He is a bit of a teaser of some of my images.  You can catch Mike’s sneak peek right here. […]

  8. […] thanks to Mike Olbinski for organizing another great urban photographic […]

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