Joe and Shelly’s elopement at Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon

April 4, 2017/by Mike

Liz & Nathan’s wedding at the Phoenix Art Museum

March 16, 2017/by Mike

Adela & Tomislav’s wedding at Orange Tree Resort

March 12, 2017/by Mike

Josh & Carol’s wedding at Desert Foothills

March 8, 2017/by Mike

Arin & Aaron’s Wedding at The Croft Downtown

February 23, 2017/by Mike

Stephanie & Jeff’s wedding at The Windmill Winery

January 23, 2017/by Mike

Speaking at Disney

January 18, 2017/by Mike

Amanda & Eric’s wedding at The Croft in Downtown Phoenix

January 14, 2017/by Mike

Emily & Anthony’s wedding in Paradise Valley

January 4, 2017/by Mike

This was 2016

December 28, 2016/by Mike

Chelsea & Pete’s wedding at L’Auberge de Sedona

December 12, 2016/by Mike

Heather & Stephen’s wedding at Greer Peaks Lodge

November 9, 2016/by Mike

Thomas & Becky’s Wedding Shoot at Antelope Canyon

October 26, 2016/by Mike

Kate & Greg’s wedding in Buffalo, New York

October 20, 2016/by Mike

Katherine & Henry’s wedding at Brophy Chapel

October 20, 2016/by Mike

Monica & Rory’s wedding at Warehouse 215

October 16, 2016/by Mike

Cameron & Josh’s Wedding at the MEET in Las Vegas

October 6, 2016/by Mike

Thomas, Becky and the Milky Way

October 6, 2016/by Mike

Heather & Brandon’s wedding at Foxboro Ranch Estates

September 23, 2016/by Mike

Brianne & Craig’s wedding at Caesar’s Palace

September 16, 2016/by Mike

Patrick & Hannah’s intimate wedding in Sedona

September 15, 2016/by Mike

Hanna & JP’s wedding at Diving Dog Vineyard in Montana

August 31, 2016/by Mike

Robby & Susy’s wedding at the Sky Ranch Lodge

August 4, 2016/by Mike
A frame from Hanna & JP's wedding in Montana

A frame from Hanna and JP’s wedding in Montana

July 18, 2016/by Mike