Kyle | Senior Portraits

I love the Teri family. They have been amazingly supportive to me over the last few years. I shot their going away part of the parents not too long ago. They’ve purchased my Stormchasing books. They refer their friends to me. They’ve been there with encouraging words throughout a lot of our recent dealings with adopting Eli. They are just awesome people.

And here is yet another awesome part of that family…Kyle. He’s graduating from Mesquite High School this year and he loves his dog Captain and his Honda. His younger sister Julie also joined us for a few shots as we wandered around downtown Phoenix a bit last Friday.

Great young man…wishing him the best future possible!

Chris + Gretchen | Engaged

Gretchen and Chris have almost been like good friends from the moment we met. Way back last year we sat down for the first time at Carly’s to talk about their wedding this coming May. A normal client meeting might last an hour, but we hung out for almost three and they showed me some amazing places downtown, like the Film Bar and the Roosevelt Tavern. Their knowledge of what is going on down there is extraordinary.

The wedding is going to be at The Icehouse and I honestly cannot wait for it. The place is sick. An old warehouse building with an open roof ceremony area. It’s going to be friggin’ great.

But before we ever get to that, they decided they wanted some photos taken in some of their favorite spots downtown. Starting off at Carly’s of course for a quick beer! Then we crossed the street to stand in front of a giant dude on a bicycle with flowers coming out of rear basket. It was only painted a few days before. Awesomeness.

We just explored some old hangouts of mine and some new places, like The Duce, where we stopped off for yes, another drink, and then continued on until we got that epic sunset sky that Arizona is so famous for.

I can’t even tell you how much fun we had during the shoot, and then grabbing a bite to eat afterwards at the Crescent Ballroom (yet another place I’d never been that they showed me!). These are just fantastic people and I’m so honored to be capturing their wedding on May 11th.

Thanks for dinner guys and thanks for an awesome time hanging out!

A frame | Engagement

Chris and Gretchen from last night. A little stroll around downtown Phoenix. We knew the sky at sunset would be epic.

Love these two people, they know every cool hot spot downtown and even took me out to the Crescent Ballroom for a quick dinner after our shoot. Cannot wait to shoot their wedding at The Icehouse in May! Gonna be awesome!

The McClune family | Lifestyle

I know I’ve said this in the past, but I absolutely love watching families grow through the eye of my camera. Annual photos at Christmas. A new baby joining the mix. Meeting the relatives. All of it is so much fun for me.

Now one of my favorite families are the McClunes (yes, I do have a lot of favs!). This past Christmas I took some pictures of April, Mark, Greer and their dog Merton in Chandler, but on Monday I got to meet the rest of Mark’s side. The parents, the brother, his wife and the nephews. They live in Texas, but were in town visiting and so they wanted some photos taken.

What an amazing, fun family to hang out with for an hour. Sure, little boys are always stubborn, they never want to sit where you want them to…but you remedy that by handing them your giant 5D Mark II and teach them to take pictures. Suddenly they’re your best friend! You can see Greer’s shot of me over on my Facebook page. We’re still working on his technique.

Of course, it’s the moments where they aren’t sitting, but instead jumping off of ledges, or being tickled by daddy, where you really see who they are. Just boys who want to have fun.

Collin and Greer are the older kiddies, but Drew kind of stole the show with his simple love of smiling and exploring grass. Oh, and those killer blue eyes.

I could ramble on about this group, but needless to say I had a great time and they were just ultra kind and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you guys for inviting me out, it was great meeting everyone and I hope to see you all down the road again someday soon!

Jessica + Mason | Engaged

Jessica and Mason are getting hitched in April and I cannot wait for the wedding. These two grew up in Denver and have known each other forever. A whole entourage of friends will be arriving from Colorado to celebrate with them, including 18 people in the wedding party!

And a party it will be. They’ve rented a vacation home up in Cave Creek where they and their friends will stay leading up to and even after the wedding.  Can’t even imagine how much fun that will be. The house is supposedly awesome, and if rumor is true, has an in-ground trampoline.

You know they’ll be pictures on that thing.

It’s awesome to see two people so close to completing an epic journey. Had such a fun time hanging with these two on Saturday, cannot wait for April 21st!

One from Elaina and Caleb’s wedding

Elaina and Caleb got married yesterday. Then they stood in this tunnel for me. More to come!

Jessica and Mason got engaged

Shooting Jessica and Mason’s wedding on April 21st. There’s going to be 20 people in the wedding party…so we warmed up on Saturday with just the two of them.

Two frames | Senior portraits

I met up with graduating senior Brianna and her family on Friday. Here’s two.

The Hirsch family | Lifestyle

It’s not often I get to hang out with a guy from the National Weather Service, so this shoot was especially fun for me. Matt works at the Phoenix office and I didn’t get to meet him when I had a brief tour during the summer. So it was awesome to chill out with him, Keren, Julian and Emma! No, we didn’t talk about the weather the ENTIRE time, but there was definitely some pretty nerdy moments going on.

Emma just recently started sitting up, so Keren wanted to get some family photos. Emma is also quite skilled at cute pigtails and eating toy giraffes.

Julia can feed ducks and throw bread into a lake like no other, plus he’s pretty awesome at teeball.

Thanks so much for letting me walk around with you guys and grab some pictures. You have a wonderful family!

Two frames | Lifetyle

From a family shoot on Friday.  Cute little girl.  An amazing sunset.