The Dewey family | Lifestyle

Char works for the National Weather Service in Phoenix and I don’t know how she got lucky enough to marry a guy with the last name “Dewey” but that’s awesome in my nerdy weather book!

I’ve never met Char in person before, but we usually tweet back and forth all summer about weather, storm chasing and all that good monsoon stuff. I love all the people at the Phoenix NWS and she’s just one of those that rocks and does such an awesome job all summer long. I truly appreciate all the hard work they do there.

And she has such a beautiful little family. Hubby Josh and their little boy Jackson. I couldn’t get over this little dude. He just kept staring at the camera and pretty much let me take whatever picture I wanted! And his little expressions were priceless. Well, you’ll see them…especially the ones where he’s on dad’s shoulders pulling his hair out. Been there man.

Great finally meeting you guys!

A handful of sneaks | Lifestyle

Been crazy busy with lifestyle sessions too, here are some favs from the past week. Hopefully full blog posts coming soon!

Nathan’s Adoption Day

A year ago, I never knew things like this even existed. Sure, I knew about adoption, but I had no clue about how involved the process was to do it. And even when we got certified and were all ready to adopt, I still hadn’t heard about that final court hearing and what an awesome moment it is in your life!

Adoptions aren’t always the same. Ours was through an attorney and we had a bit of a warning (albeit it only a few weeks) that Eli was on his way. For Ben and Alisha, they got a call one day from their agency to say there was a baby boy in Tucson that needed a home, were they interested?

Can you imagine one day your phone ringing and then a few hours later you are in a city 90 minutes away holding a baby that is suddenly your responsibility?

It’s such an amazing thing. It’s been so much fun seeing the couples from our adoption class get placed with babies. I was blessed to photograph Nathan in his first few weeks and last Thursday it was an honor to be there with the entire family to celebrate the last step in making him officially Ben and Alisha’s little boy.

This court hearing is in front of a judge who officially recognizes and finalizes the adoption. It’s such a blast because the entire family can come in, you grab pictures with the judge and it’s just a huge moment in this little guy’s life. Someday he’ll be able to see these photos and all the people who were there to love him and support him from the very beginning.

So happy for Ben, Alisha and Nathan….I know you guys are moving soon and I wish you all the best of luck! Thanks so much for letting me tag along to take some photos.

Alisha, Ben & Nathan | Adoption

You may remember baby Nathan, a little guy I photographed last October. He was adopted by some friends from our adoption class last summer and it was so amazing to meet this little guy.

And now look at him! Seven months old and adorable as heck! Are you kidding me?

Yesterday was the official court date for this family where Nathan’s adoption would be finalized on paper and he would be Ben and Alisha’s forever. He was already their baby really, nothing would stop that, but when you go through the adoption process, that last step takes about 4-6 months from when you actually bring your child home. We just went through the same deal with Eli about a month ago. It’s a real sense of closure once you are done with the hearing!

I was honored to be able to take a few photos of these three before the court appointment, and then hang out with them and their family for the hearing itself and then after! Congrats again you guys!

Here’s just a quickie sneak peek from yesterday.

Sanchez Family | Lifestyle

I first met the Sanchez clan back last fall when we got together for some family photos. I’ve photographed some way cute kids and these guys are at the top of the list. Little Adrian, quiet Lili and the eldest, Jayden. All of them…super adorable.

I was shocked seeing the little man with his crazy head of hair. He had a fauxhawk back last fall and I almost didn’t recognize him! Not to mention how much he’s grown. Dude makes you laugh all the time.

The two girls were pretty much the same. Lili has this quiet stubbornness about her. You have to be sneaky to snap photos of her and I think we pulled it off yet again. And Jayden is just easy. I think she already understands posing and how to get a good photograph, so I don’t even have to try with her!

We did the shoot out at the Desert Botanical Gardens, where the girls dressed up as butterfly’s for the last day of the Butterfly Exhibit. Afterwards, we just wandered around, played in water, looked at flowers and snapped photos of course! It was a tad on the warm side, but I had a great time and we even saw a pretty crazy lizard at the very end, so obviously it was worth it 🙂

Thanks for bringing me along guys, I’m sure we’ll see each other again down the road!

Happy Birthday | Lifestyle

Jayden turns six in two days…an early happy birthday to her! From a family shoot on Sunday.

The McClune family | Lifestyle

I know I’ve said this in the past, but I absolutely love watching families grow through the eye of my camera. Annual photos at Christmas. A new baby joining the mix. Meeting the relatives. All of it is so much fun for me.

Now one of my favorite families are the McClunes (yes, I do have a lot of favs!). This past Christmas I took some pictures of April, Mark, Greer and their dog Merton in Chandler, but on Monday I got to meet the rest of Mark’s side. The parents, the brother, his wife and the nephews. They live in Texas, but were in town visiting and so they wanted some photos taken.

What an amazing, fun family to hang out with for an hour. Sure, little boys are always stubborn, they never want to sit where you want them to…but you remedy that by handing them your giant 5D Mark II and teach them to take pictures. Suddenly they’re your best friend! You can see Greer’s shot of me over on my Facebook page. We’re still working on his technique.

Of course, it’s the moments where they aren’t sitting, but instead jumping off of ledges, or being tickled by daddy, where you really see who they are. Just boys who want to have fun.

Collin and Greer are the older kiddies, but Drew kind of stole the show with his simple love of smiling and exploring grass. Oh, and those killer blue eyes.

I could ramble on about this group, but needless to say I had a great time and they were just ultra kind and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you guys for inviting me out, it was great meeting everyone and I hope to see you all down the road again someday soon!

The Hirsch family | Lifestyle

It’s not often I get to hang out with a guy from the National Weather Service, so this shoot was especially fun for me. Matt works at the Phoenix office and I didn’t get to meet him when I had a brief tour during the summer. So it was awesome to chill out with him, Keren, Julian and Emma! No, we didn’t talk about the weather the ENTIRE time, but there was definitely some pretty nerdy moments going on.

Emma just recently started sitting up, so Keren wanted to get some family photos. Emma is also quite skilled at cute pigtails and eating toy giraffes.

Julia can feed ducks and throw bread into a lake like no other, plus he’s pretty awesome at teeball.

Thanks so much for letting me walk around with you guys and grab some pictures. You have a wonderful family!

Two frames | Lifetyle

From a family shoot on Friday.  Cute little girl.  An amazing sunset.

Roman | Newborn

This was a first for me. I shot Dee and Iuliana’s wedding back on January 1st, 2011. Almost a year later, little man Roman was born and I got to meet him last Sunday.

Stuff like this makes me love what I do. Being able to tell stories through photos over time. So awesome.

Now Roman was born back on December 11th and usually when you photograph a newborn, it’s best in the first 10 days because they sleep all the time and pretty much will just lay there for you. But Roman was born three weeks early, so I think that’s why he was basically sound asleep for the hour or so I was there.

A few times he opened his eyes, yawned (yes! I caught it!), but otherwise he was off in dreamland. I was envious to tell you the truth!

Most of these images were taken in Dee and Iuliana’s bedroom, which was on the south side of the house and bathed in beautiful afternoon sunlight. They had a white bed, with a white headboard and roman blinds over the windows. Needless to say, the light was epic. All natural.

Iuliana’s mother, father, brother and sister-in-law all flew in from Moldova (located between the Ukraine and Romania) to stay with them for awhile and help take care of the baby. How awesome is that?  Roman is the first grandchild too, so it was a momentous occasion.

Thanks Dee and Iulia for letting me come back into your lives for a little bit to capture a few moments for you! He’s a beautiful little guy and it’s going to be awesome to watch him grow up!