Sneak Peak: The Johnson Family {phoenix family photographer}

A loooong time ago I used to work at AMC Theatres. I’m talking back when I was a senior in high school and then for a few years after graduation. I worked there with a couple of friends from school, one of them named Jina who eventually thought I was a cool enough projectionist to date. Yes, I married that girl, but that’s not the point of the story. Well, maybe it is.

She went to work at a different AMC location and wound up meeting Dave and a girl named Maribeth. I eventually met them both at one time or another, but really just knew them through Jina.

Well go figure, they got married too! What is it about AMC? Must be something they put in the pretzel bite cheese.

Circle back to the present day where they now have three super-cute kids and have been married over 10 years. They booked me for a family photoshoot about a month ago and we finally ended up connecting on Saturday afternoon.  It started off great too…on the first picture I wanted to take (the steps below) Nick informed us he didn’t want to get pictures taken! I was laughing hysterically inside…I just love kids and love the stuff they say. I knew he’d come around and eventually he was wanting to be in the pictures! Aly is the 7-month old baby, Taylor the big sister (who just lost her two top teeth, congrats!).

Simply a great family, amazing kids and I had a fun time talking with you guys and just hanging out. Hopefully our paths cross again someday!

Photoshoot: The Kleins 2010 {gilbert family photographer}

The Kleins have been good friends of ours for a lot of years now and it’s so awesome to see these girls grow up right before our eyes. And speaking of eyes…each of these girls has eyes that photographers love to shoot. Sparkling, bright, blue…photogenic.

Thanks so much guys for letting me shoot you guys once again…you are an amazing family!

(PS. They already sent me a proof of their Christmas card this year made up of about 5 of the photos we got from this shoot…looks awesome!)

Sneak Peak: The Kleins {gilbert family photographer}

What a difference a year makes. These are the Kleins and last year I photographed just the four girls at a park in Chandler for my very first ever “photoshoot.” My wife was there helping scout locations, my daughter was running around, I was crazy nervous, unsure of myself and thrilled at the same time.

I can’t believe that was last December and here I am out shooting them again for their annual family Christmas card. It’s true what they about the older you get, the faster time goes by.

What is super fun about the shoot we did yesterday and the sneak peak I’m posting today is that I can actually link you guys back to a year ago to see how much this family has grown…especially little Tatum. My daughter and her are so close in age and have grown up together, and it’s so crazy seeing how different they look year to year.

You can see a few pictures from last year right here, and then the Christmas card photo they chose right here.

Such a beautiful family, thanks so much for letting me to this for you guys again and I hope to see you all again next year!

My brown-eyed girl

Those that follow my work closely know that besides chasing storms and loving HDR photography, I have also become quite addicted to portraiture and doing photoshoots for clients. I’ve done everything from a maternity shoot to baby showers and engagements. It’s a lot of fun and a part of my little business that continues to grow and be rewarding for me.

What I really love though are the kids and capturing their little faces, the innocent moments and random things they do. Like yesterday’s post with the family on the beach. Their little girl just stared at the ocean, walked around, and left footprints here and there. They are easy to photograph. Sure, sometimes you want them to just sit peacefully for a moment so you can get that perfect shot, but a lot of times, you just need to follow them around.

Which brings us to this picture above. My daughter Lyla. Who could ever grasp the love a dad has for his little girl until they have that same relationship? I for sure never knew what a face like that could do to me.

Lyla is always moving…running to the next place, running down the aisle in the grocery store…running everywhere. She does an amazing amount of running for a 21-month old. Capturing her in a perfect, quiet state is sometimes difficult.

On occasion though, she stops…and you get moments like this. I only took this over the weekend, but it’s already one of my favorites of her.

Photoshoot: The Eeds {chandler family photographer}

We planned a big vacation with a group of friends for this past weekend in San Diego. One of the families that has a newborn little boy named Wyatt had been wanting some new portrait shots done and had the great idea of doing them on the beach whilst out in California.

I’ve never done much photography on a beach before, so figuring the lighting out, the backgrounds and angles was something I learned on the fly. Loved the setting though…I can’t get over how awesome the light was from the setting sun. The shots you can do are endless and I only wish I lived closer to a place like this so I could get more practice at it.

These are some of my favorite photos from the shoot…thanks so much to the Eeds family for inviting me to do this for them!

Happy Birthday baby Claire!

This darling, precious gift of a girl, turned two years old this past week. Her parents asked me to snap photos of her big birthday party on Saturday and I was honored.

Life has been tough for little Claire, who has amazing challenges to face almost every day. But look at that smile. Oh my…how can you not get a warm, fuzzy feeling deep down inside and smile back at her?

Photoshoot: Zane and Rhiannon

Zane and Rhiannon…a fun shoot out at one of my favorite places in the world, Joe’s Farm Grill. It’s tough to not want to use this place for every photoshoot I do, but it’s so beautiful. The old buildings, that wagon, the St. Augustine grass, the grape vine archway…I’m in love with it.

Thanks to these two kids and daddy Nate for letting me capture a few memories for you guys and hopefully mommy loves her birthday present!

The slideshow is just a few of my favorites from the shoot, ended up with a ton to choose from!

Another sneak peak at Zane and Rhiannon

I’m still editing the photos from the little shoot we did Monday night, but I can’t get far before the desire to post a few of them gets the better of me. Both of these kids were too cute for words and an absolute blast to work with.

In the shot above, you can see it’s a black and white except for the eyes. That’s not fake color there, I just allowed the blue from the color version of this photo to remain while the rest went B&W. Such amazingly blue eyes!

And how cute is Rhiannon? She loves getting her picture taken, so she stood in this spot throwing me a bunch of funny little poses. Love this one below, in her brand new dress.

Sneak Peak: Zane and Rhiannon

Meet five month old Zane and his big sister Rhiannon. I met both of these adorable kiddies down at Joe’s Farm Grill along with their father, who was looking to get some photos done in time for his wife’s upcoming birthday.

Great pleasure meeting all three of them and we had a lot of fun. Both kids were troopers, as doing any kind of photoshoot in the Arizona summer is brutal, even if it’s late in the evening. They made it just over 45 minutes and by that time we’d gotten what we wanted anyways.

Zane has the craziest blue eyes you ever saw and I loved Rhiannon’s little monkey earrings.

Thanks for letting me do this for you guys!

Photoshoot: Wyatt and Rachel

These are some of my favorite shots from a little photoshoot I did with Wyatt and Rachel on Tuesday night. The little guy was just four days old and the parents wanted some pictures of him, plus a few together with his big sister Rachel for some birth announcements.

We got the full spectrum of Wyatt…some super-sleepy to kind of wide-awake…he did such a great job. Of course, when you are that little and the goofy camera guy asks mom and dad to pose you in a certain spot…you are pretty much stuck that way *grin*

Although, little Wyatt actually almost rolled over onto his back a few times, so this guy might be ready for training wheels soon!

Rachel was a sweetheart and obviously already loves having a little brother. Must be such a weird, cool thing for a little kid to suddenly meet their new baby brother/sister…who knows what goes through their heads right?

This was my first official shoot indoors and I have to say I seriously love my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens…that thing is a miracle worker.

(this shot below was just an idea I sent them on how they could take two of the photos and put them into separate frames, but place them side by side on the way. I am no interior decorator, so cut me some slack, I just thought it was kind of cool)