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Watson Falls

I don’t do a lot of straight landscape photography these days as my time is spent between storms, weddings and family…but my annual road trip with my pals is when I get to stretch my muscles a bit. Watson Falls, Oregon. This was a beautiful place and I did my best to channel guys like […]

Mist and Water

Every year my buddies Jay, Jason, Andrew, Aaron and I go on a road trip somewhere. The previous two have been in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. We call these little excursions “Lost//Discovered.” The name implies a feeling of getting lost from our normal lives and discovering something about ourselves. Be it passion, direction […]

Golden Blue

My final day of chasing the plains last year was June 15th, and it was a chillaxing kind of day. I hung with two friends, Jenny and Justin, and we watched weak supercells spin over fields and we didn’t have to move too much. Towards the end of the day, a new storm moved in […]

Happy 5th birthday Eli!

Five years ago today, our adoption lawyer called us to say “Did you know your son was born yesterday?” We had no idea. We had thrown a Super Bowl Party and were oblivious to the fact that our soon-to-be-adopted son was born on February 5th, 2012. No one called us to let us know. But […]

Crimson Bolts

Combing through the archives of photos I never edited, here’s one from monsoon 2015 west of Tonopah, AZ. I had the kids with me, I was running a fever, but this isolated storm started going up and we went after it. At the time I had no time-lapse clip I felt was good enough for […]

The Mist

A frame from a time-lapse I shot two days ago somewhere in the middle of the Oregon woods. The time-lapse version I share will likely be in color, but for a still shot…the scene demanded black and white. I love stuff like this. Low, foggy clouds rolling over hills, blanketing pine trees so they become […]

Stephanie & Jeff’s wedding at The Windmill Winery

Stephanie and Jeff were such a blast to work with. Climbing fences, standing in roads, dancing and just being super chill the entire day. Love the red dress that Stephanie changed into during the reception too! And the bonfire! And the smores! And a beer donkey! And the cutest flower girl I’ve ever seen! This […]

The Hand

A creepy, electric hand stretches out across the sky, seemingly originating from the Sand Tank Mountains. I miss lightning. This was July 1st last year during a monsoon that started early and epic (this cell was a tornado warned storm an hour earlier), and I was standing here with a few buddies watching some amazing […]

Speaking at Disney

Last fall I was invited to speak at the Disney Animation Studios. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve spoken in many different places at this point, but mostly it’s been camera clubs and festivals. I did travel to Sweden in November 2016 to talk at a gallery opening for their national landscape photography association and that […]