Touchdown in Tucson

Touchdown in Tucson
(please click to view on black and so it fits your screen // canon 5d mark ii, canon 17-40mm f/4 l, 39mm (cropped), iso 200, f/10, 20sec // buy print)

Ahh…south Tucson. This was the first time I’d ever ventured up to A-Mountain and I barely had time to setup before the lightning rained down. I loved being up so high, but was also pretty close to this strike. It was a bit nerve wracking…this was only 39mm (albeit cropped to the left side of the frame), but I felt a weeee bit exposed up there.

The bright line of city lights next to the landing of the bolt is Interstate 10 as it turns and heads off towards New Mexico.

Nothing I enjoy more in a lightning strike than seeing where it lands.

Make sure to click on the photo to see it fit your screen if you happen to be on a smaller monitor.

  • Scott Wood

    Love it. I really missing shooting lightning in Tucson, I lived there for 20 years after all. You really mailed this one.

  • Jesse Pafundi


  • Chris Maskell

    Totally amazing Mike, love this shot

  • Toad Hollow Photography

    Wow, you can almost see exactly where this strike landed, Mike! Terrific shot, my friend!

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