A painted sunset over uptown Phoenix

(please click to view larger on black // canon 5d mark ii, canon 35mm f/1.4 l, iso 100, f/16, 1.3 sec // buy print)

After the storm season ends in Phoenix, we seem to get the “nothing season,” which means temps that aren’t too hot and nothing but sunshine. But sometime in late November towards December, it gets colder and we have our fall/winter time here (even if it’s not like most places) and then the clouds start appearing more often and you get those beautiful sunsets again.

This was from yesterday evening. A sky that looks to be painted on with a brush.

Despite us not having snow or anything, the next 5 days are going to be crazy cold for Phoenix…lows near 20 degrees for 4-5 mornings in a row. Unprecedented. Gonna be interesting.

  • Kristin

    WOW, fantastic!!

  • http://www.bryansnider.com Bryan Snider

    Beautiful Shot Mike! After going 4 weeks with out an AZ sunset, I was definitely “Wowed” like a tourist last night.

  • jina

    pretty… like you.

  • http://chrisdmrf.wordpress.com Chris Maskell

    Hi Mike, love that sky and the reflections in the buildings. When you say lows of 20 degrees is that Fahrenheit or Centigrade?

  • http://www.studiokz.com Keith

    Hi Mike,

    I saw your painted sunset over uptown Phoenix photo and I’m interested in using it as the background for one of my architectural renderings. Please contact me because I don’t want to use it without your permission.