Road trip to Cali

Just over a week ago we went on a road trip to California with our friends Matt, Daireth and Tatum. Our daughter Lyla has pretty much been best friends with Tatum since they were born as they are only five weeks apart.

Lyla turned four in late November, Tatum’s birthday is later this month, so us parents decided their birthday present this year was a trip to Disneyland. For Lyla that’s the first time. Tatum went when she was teeny tiny, so she doesn’t remember much about it. Jina started a “hashtag” for the trip called “Road Trip to Cali”, which Lyla and Tatum kept screaming out from the backseat. We stopped at the beach on the first afternoon, and then woke up early to head to Disneyland the next day.

It was such a great trip for these two. They were incredibly awesome about the whole thing, they stood in line, they behaved, they had fun, they were just amazing. As a dad, this has to be one of those moments I will remember forever. Especially when Lyla overcame some of her fears and talked to all the princesses. I had tears in my eyes the entire time…so proud of her. And also to these kids, those princesses are REAL and so I think I kind of felt like it was real too.

Such an absolute blast…I had to share some photos from the trip. And by some, I mean A LOT. It’s like a wedding post. Hope you enjoy!

  • jina

    I love gummi worms, and these people, and this… Road Trip to Cali!

  • Daireth

    Let’s go back! 🙂

  • amanda vanvels

    i love this post. disney is my favorite place on earth. so fun to see those little girls so happy.

  • Heath O’Fee

    I want to go to Disney.

  • Rachel

    So awesome!!! Some really really great shots in here.

  • Ryann

    I wanna go on the next #RoadTripToCali!!!!!

  • Jesse Pafundi

    Family fun FTW. Also, alliteration.

  • Karen Jackson

    As usual, I see these shots days later … how captivating! Walt Disney was the best … I could sit and watch everything happen … oh, that’s what you did for us, Mike … you gave us the shots! Incredible!

  • Brian Furbush

    Adorable shots man, so precious.