More haboob – September 6th, 2012, Phoenix, Arizona

Watch FULL SCREEN in HD puhleeeez!

Oh yeah…another haboob dust storm awesomeness rolled into Phoenix this evening and blanketed the town in dust for over an hour. The wall was about 50 miles long and the winds didn’t seem that strong, so the dust just lingered in the air forever. Blech.

I regret not getting to this spot 10 minutes earlier, but thems the breaks kid.

Met with some wedding clients right after this and then flew up the Beeline and captured some lightning. All in a days work.

  • Matt

    I love how that helicopter looks like a dragon fly bussing around in the sky…. another fantastic time lapse!

  • Brian Furbush

    Helicopter was pretty cool – you must have had some pretty dusty gear after this 🙂

  • Rich McPeek

    Another awesome timelapse Mike! The helicopter made me laugh! Great work man!

  • Greg McCown

    Apocalyptic! And freaking awesome Mike!

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