You know you’re a little too close when…

…night turns to day.

Click on the darker image below and then you can use your arrow keys to go back and forth to see the difference between two 20-second shutter clicks.

I was standing there with my buddy Bryan Snider (check out his storm timelapse from last night!) when we both were blinded for about four seconds. I actually kind of got dizzy for a moment because I couldn’t see and my equilibrium went wacky. Or something weird like that.

The resounding thunder was crazy loud. And needless to say, ten seconds later Bryan and I had both packed up and were headed south!

The second picture is straight out of camera. Taken at 11:46pm.

  • Scott Wood

    Wow, that is crazy. Sort of reminds me on one that you are I were at last year, but I suspect that this one was even closer.

  • jina

    Great! I think about something like this happening to you every time you go out chasing… with our cute daughter in tow! Ugh.

  • Bryan Snider

    Yeah it was a bit too close last night. Glad nobody got hurt.

  • aaron levy

    Beautiful..Nature in the Raw…