Roman | Newborn

This was a first for me. I shot Dee and Iuliana’s wedding back on January 1st, 2011. Almost a year later, little man Roman was born and I got to meet him last Sunday.

Stuff like this makes me love what I do. Being able to tell stories through photos over time. So awesome.

Now Roman was born back on December 11th and usually when you photograph a newborn, it’s best in the first 10 days because they sleep all the time and pretty much will just lay there for you. But Roman was born three weeks early, so I think that’s why he was basically sound asleep for the hour or so I was there.

A few times he opened his eyes, yawned (yes! I caught it!), but otherwise he was off in dreamland. I was envious to tell you the truth!

Most of these images were taken in Dee and Iuliana’s bedroom, which was on the south side of the house and bathed in beautiful afternoon sunlight. They had a white bed, with a white headboard and roman blinds over the windows. Needless to say, the light was epic. All natural.

Iuliana’s mother, father, brother and sister-in-law all flew in from Moldova (located between the Ukraine and Romania) to stay with them for awhile and help take care of the baby. How awesome is that?  Roman is the first grandchild too, so it was a momentous occasion.

Thanks Dee and Iulia for letting me come back into your lives for a little bit to capture a few moments for you! He’s a beautiful little guy and it’s going to be awesome to watch him grow up!

  • andy gimino

    Great set of images mike! I lovrd the tuxedo shot at the end…very nice work my friend!

  • Jesse

    These are really good.

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Adorable! Great work! I wish we had done a shoot like this after Levi was born!

  • London Wedding Photographer

    Roman is a cool name! 🙂

  • Rick Louie

    Wonderful work as always. Always like to see your perspective on shooting a subject.

  • Adam Allegro

    Mike, these are fantastic. I really love seeing this part of your work. These all just make me smile. Thanks for making my morning buddy 🙂