Behind all the cute

I love to photograph my daughter, even though I’ve been doing less of it lately. I need to get back into that habit though, because usually I can find something worth treasuring forever.

Like this shot.

Lyla is a cutie pie for sure. Whenever I post pictures of her on Facebook or the blog, I almost always hear about how adorable she is. In fact, my good friend Jesse has told me his wife demands that he tell her anytime I post a new photo of Lyla. Wonder if she still will? (heh)

So today I thought I’d show the other side. The side we get to see. I don’t have any photos of the temper tantrums, or the crying, or the throwing of things, or the yelling “No!!”…but I do have this one.

I had pulled out the camera because she was sitting peacefully in this chair, playing with my wife’s iPhone. The light was perfect, she looked cute…so I thought I’d snap a few while she wasn’t looking.

And then she did this.

Maybe if you are a parent you’ll get why you might treasure a photo like this 🙂

Anyways, she’s still cute right? And for those that would rather be left with a nicer memory of Lyla, here are a couple more.

  • Peter J. Hart

    Just like her dad.

  • Salvador

    You’re right, they do look better on here! Stay Classy young lady!

  • Jesse

    Cutest nose pick in the west.

  • Jorge R. Gonzalez

    Enjoy her while you can! My daughter just turned 12 and has gotten into the hormonal condition, to call it something nice, were she hates the camera. The moment the camera goes up near my eye her hand goes in front of her face. Yikes never thought it would happen like this. You have a lovely daughter.
    All the best.

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Adorable, nose pick and all 🙂