The Nakamura famiily

It took me about 30 minutes to finally ask Shelley and Brian if Noah and Hannah were the same age. I’m kind of slow, but it dawned on me that these two absolutely adorable kids might be twins. And yes, they were! The first time I’ve ever taken pictures of twins and I’m glad these two were the ones. They did a great job and were super fun to work with!

I met the Nakamura’s up in Scottsdale last week for a quick shoot to get some family photos. Was awesome meeting these guys, who are friends with another family that I shot this weekend.

Both those families, and my own, have one thing in common: Almost all of us have worked at AMC Theaters at some point in our lives. Shelley is the only one of the bunch who hasn’t, but we wont hold that against her! I always look back fondly on that job…working as a projectionist, seeing every film that came out…random hours, great fun.  Not to mention that’s where my wife and I both worked when we first started dating sooooo many years ago.

ANYWAYS…thanks to the Nakamura’s for letting me hang out with you guys and take some pictures. You have a crazy beautiful family and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

  • Jon Stolarski

    Love your family shots!

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Awesome Mike! Love the use of negative space in these shots. What a good looking fam 🙂

  • Rick Louie

    I love this story telling that is conveyed! I have a lot to learn. It feels like I got to spend the day with this family. Love it!

  • Jesse

    Awesome sesh! The one of the kids hugging is just adorable.

  • Brian Furbush

    Great session – the little girl’s expressions are priceless haha

  • jina

    These are great! What a sweet family. You can tell they have fun and enjoy being together. I’m glad you captured that…

  • Rob Allen

    Good photos! Wonderful capture of the joys of childhood.

    PS – for the sake of one person’s sanity (at least), please lose the apostrophe.

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