The Klein girls

So I heard through the grapevine that the Klein girls were getting on my case for posting sneak peeks of Tatum and Irelynn, but not Katy and Maddy! I knew that was going to happen and I also knew if I posted the Williamson shoot today, I had to get the Kleins’ out as well. Especially considering it all took place at the same place on the same night!

Sorry for the delay girls, but here you go!

This is another one of our most favorite families in the world. The parents decided to sit this one out (even though I still got a shot of Matt anyways!), so it was just the girls having a blast. You can so totally see the love these guys have for each other. It’s amazing to watch.

Well, check it out for yourself.

And thanks to the Kleins…you guys were my first ever photoshoot over two years ago and now it’s a fall tradition!

  • Rick Louie

    Great set of photos! I’m sure they are going to be very pleased!

  • Jesse

    Solid solid solid. The little one kills me with the facial expressions.

  • Daireth

    Mike! These are so great. You couldn’t have captured their personalities any better. Thank you!

  • Brian Furbush

    Another great set man – again, I love Tatum’s faces in that triptych.

  • jina

    I honestly don’t know which pics are my favorites. I love these girls!

  • nicky

    these are just perfection!