Pillar in the Rain

Pillar in the Rain - Arizona Monsoons

(please click to view on black // canon 5d mark ii, canon 85mm 1.8, f/16, iso 100, 1/13th // buy print)

My wife was proofreading my upcoming Stormchasing Arizona photojournal (should be ready for preorder next week!) and she commented on how much she loved this particular photo. So to thank her for the 4-5 hours she sat in front of my book, editing and ensuring it was better than I could do myself, I thought I’d post this guy today.

These are the Bradshaw Mountains north of Phoenix. I had never really been to this area before, nor down this particular road, so it was awesome to be able to check it out with a great storm blowing over the hills. I pulled out the 85mm for this shot, not wanting a vast angle of the storm, but instead the falling rain shrouding the mountains with the sun lighting it all up from the left horizon.

I may have taken this shot anyways, but I was a lot more interested in the scene because of that little pillar of rock. Curious what it looks like up close, may have to check it out someday.

  • http://www.chrisnitz.com Chris Nitz

    Totally a movie setting shot. I’m curious, is that a natural rock formation or did someone make it? Great shot!

  • http://www.mikeolbinski.com Mike

    Yeah, no idea…I’m hoping it’s natural!

  • http://www.chrisfrailey.com Chris Frailey

    Digging how the mountains keep folding back on one another. Kudos to the wife for proof reading. Someone deserves a dinner out. 😉

  • http://ramblings.chriswray.net Chris Wray

    Awesome tones, man!

  • http://www.hansrico.com/rss Rick Louie

    Love the textures!

  • http://www.doephotog.com A.Barlow

    Always loved how the mountains make layers that are ever softening.

  • http://www.goldenhourstudios.com Jesse

    Love the gradients in this image.

  • http://www.edithlevyphotography.com Edith Levy

    You’re wife is right this is an exceptional shot. Love it.

  • http://www.brianfurbush.com/blog Brian Furbush

    Love how the layers converge into a nice vanishing point. Great frame.

  • http://www.cdeangelisphotography.com/ Chris DeAngelis

    It’s cool how the mountains dissapear through the frame…

  • http://heathofee.com Heath O’Fee

    Such a great frame, dude. I’ve always been a fan of shots like these and this is a fave for sure.