When Harry Met Sally

Music Man - New York Central Park

(click to view on black // canon 5d mark ii, canon 50mm 1.4, f/1.8, iso 400, 1/320 // buy print)

I’ve been waiting and waiting for a time when I could use this film for Movie Title Wednesday and it’s finally here. It took a trip to New York to make it happen, but that is perfectly okay with me.

When Harry Met Sally is one of my all-time favorite movies. In fact, I wanted to join my wife in visiting The Met just so we could stand in that one spot and practice saying “Pecaan pieeeeeee…pecan pieeeeeeee.” Probably the best romantic comedy ever, but I think it kind of transcends that “chick flick” status into a classic. You have to see it. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan at their best. A movie spanning years and ending on New Year’s Eve in New York. Funny, heartwarming…unforgettable.

This photo is one of my favorites from the trip. I was dying to use it for the movie series, but I couldn’t think of a title until of course I talked to my wife. I had already thought of WHMS, but didn’t connect the dots too well. Yeah, it’s set in New York, just like my photo. But my wife remembered how the movie is full of awesome, big band music. Harry Connick Jr….It Had to Be You. Good stuff.

Which works perfectly with this old man playing a saxophone in Central Park. Not to mention the fact my wife and I were together, exploring the park…kind of like Harry and Sally wandering around New York.

This actually wasn’t a simple shoot and keep moving. I took my time composing this. Trying to figure just where to place the man at the end of the tunnel. How much of the blurred wall to show. But the bigger aspect was employing some patience I don’t usually possess. The guy wasn’t facing in this direction the entire time. It took maybe 30 seconds to finally snap the photo with him perfectly silhouetted exactly how I wanted.

I think a younger version of me from not even that long ago would have just shot and kept on walking.

All the crazy time we spent shooting bridges and I knew a shot like this would be more meaningful to me than anything else. That’s why I love photography.

  • http://www.brianfurbush.com/blog Brian Furbush

    Great shot – I dig that your eye gets led all the way into the frame, but the wall is still visible rather than being vignetted or silhouetted.

  • http://www.cdeangelisphotography.com Chris DeAngelis

    It’s a great shot Mike! Fantastic work with the framing and silhouette! I think slowing down and really thinking about the shot is one of the harder things to do, especially in a busy town like NYC!

  • http://straylightdata.com Eje Gustafsson

    Very nice shot.

  • http://www.kriskoeller.com Kris Koeller

    Great post. I love Central Park but don’t go there enough (its only a 10 minute subway ride away). I’m not a huge fan of the movie, but I do like this shot.

  • http://hdrexposedphotography.com Dave DiCello

    Now this is awesome Mike! I just posted my shot of this same guy a few weeks back! Same tunnel too! Great shot man, I love the B&W!

  • http://scottwyden.com Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Awesome capture dude. Love the silhouette!

  • http://goldenhourstudios.com Jesse

    Good looks. This is just awesome and works perfeclty in B&W. I want to steal this shot.

  • http://jstolarski.com Jon Stolarski

    Your B&W shots have been coming out fantastic, lots of emotion and feeling to them. Way to stick in there and take the time to set up the shot.

  • http://www.edithlevyphotography.com Edith Levy

    I love that movie too Mike. it is a classic and this is a great shot evoking the magic of Central Park.

  • Capnschwartz

    I actually really liked the Russian version of this movie… “When Sally was hairy”

  • jina

    I loved that you could hear him playing from a ways away… and then once in the tunnel the acoustics were amazing. I love that you captured that moment for us to remember for a long time.

  • http://catchthejiffy.com Adam Allegro

    Wondeful shot!! Love the blank space