The Dark Knight

Lightning West of Sedona Arizona

(please click to view on black and so it fits your screen)

The holiday on Monday totally threw me off, so you’re getting the lesser known Movie Title Thursday this week!

Boom. The Dark Knight. Probably my favorite superhero movie of all-time. Watching Heath Ledger play the Joker is something I never get tired of seeing. The guy was amazing. Anytime I’ve turned this movie on, I’m automatically sucked in the second I see him on the screen. Coupled with Batman Begins, these have to be two of the best comic book movies ever. One can only hope the third and final entry from Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale leaves us wanting more.

I captured this lightning strike back on July 10th west of Sedona on Highway 89A. I’ve shot a lot of lightning this summer, but this is one of my favs. It’s been the background image on my iPhone ever since I processed it. I don’t know why, but it’s just so beautiful. Dark, menacing clouds at the top…a slow, curved strike and a dark silhouette of a foreground. It’s just perfect to me. And I don’t mean the photograph…I mean nature itself…the strike. The way it looks.

So many times we see a strike with our naked eye, we exclaim “wow!” and then it’s gone. We never see it again. I think that’s why I love this kind of photography. We get to capture something that will never be seen again and you never know what it will look like when it happens.

(canon 5d mark ii, canon 85mm 1.8, f/5.6, iso 200, 30 sec – buy print)

  • Brian Furbush

    Very cool shot, works well in B&W. Dig it, per usual.

  • Len Saltiel

    This is so out of bounds Mike. What a fantastic image. Love the B&W choice.

  • Jon Stolarski

    Great job going B&W with this one, and the texture and detail in the clouds is just fantastic!

  • Edith Levy

    Cool shot Mike…another great capture.

  • Chris Nitz

    Man, you nailed the Dark Night feeling perfectly. All we need to do is Photoshop in Batman dangling Joker off the edge of a building and you have a perfect movie setting 😉 Think I’ll go dig out the BluRay and watch that movie over lunch!!

  • Toad Hollow Photography

    I think this is hands-down the best lightning shot I have ever seen in my life. What an INCREDIBLE scene!

  • Steve Beal

    You never cease to amaze me with your lightning photography. Nobody is doing it better.

  • John

    You nailed this shot! I’ve dreamt of catching lightning like this, but alas, we just don’t get the storms up here in MA the way they do in other places of the country. A time will come though, just hope I’m prepared!

  • Jan Winther

    Incredible shot, Mike.

  • Adam Allegro

    Awesome! This is one of the coolest lightning captures I have seen. Bravo Mike.

  • larry

    Excellent work, Mike!