The Tweezers

Downtown Phoenix Lightning - August 3rd 2011

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So my daughter has been sick all week with a lovely stomach virus. Not napping well, not sleeping through the night, fevers…lots of good stuff. Apparently that transferred to me yesterday, and I was feeling darn lousy all day. I pretty much lounged around on the couch being a big baby.

Wasn’t even thinking of going out after storms. In fact, the forecast called for NOTHING in the Phoenix area last night. No need to worry right?

Suddenly storms just roll in from all over. I walk outside, look just north and it’s like some kind of epic battle going on with non-stop flashing in 10 different directions. I mosey back inside, lay on the couch and start whining to my wife. I know she’d rather me rest up. But she knows me only too well. After a few minutes, she says “Go out for an hour and then get some sleep.”

I was gone for two. Sorry honey bunch. You rock though.

I thought it was almost a useless trip after a bit, the lightning was just flashing in the clouds and doing a lot of cloud-to-cloud loopty-loos and just not hitting the ground much. I was packing up when I noticed some stuff firing to my south, so I went to the other side of the parking garage I was hanging out in and just watched a storm cross in front of me from right to left.

And finally it let loose with some strikes over the city and made my night.

As for the title…doesn’t the lightning strike look like it’s using a set of tweezers on the city where it lands?

(canon 5d mark ii, tamron 17-35mm 2.8, 26mm, iso 200, f/8.0, 15sec)

  • Brian Matiash

    My favorite part of this image is that perfect glow at the base of the bolts and the path it forms down to the land. You’re truly finding your groove here, dude.

    I hope little girly girl gets back to 100% stat.

    You… not so much.

  • Steven Perlmutter

    Very cool Mike. Excellent composition, and the subtle tones in the sky are beautiful.

  • Chris Frailey

    Damn, this is a sweet shot.

  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    That looks painful 🙂 The bolts come through the clouds so perfectly. Nice job!

  • Alistair Cunningham

    Awesome shot Mike – when’s your storm chasing guide coming out?

  • Jesse

    Epic. I love how you are now pulling together stellar compositions into your lightning images. This is one of my faves.

  • Brian Furbush

    Really love this Mike – again, your B&W is stunning and the lighting is perfect in this across the city.

  • Scott Wood

    You weren’t kidding when you tweeted that you got an epic one. Love the rain in with the strike. Sadly my best images from last night were the shots I took of the sunset.

  • Dave DiCello

    Another impressive shot Mike, I love the use of B&W here, very classy!

  • Eden

    Wow! Awesome shot!

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Love the comp with the city on the right and the bolts on the left. Your wife is awesome! Feel better soon!

  • Capnschwartz

    WOW… But can I see the color version of this?

  • larry

    Excellent work, Mike! I really like the title too! Get better soon.

  • Edith Levy

    Just a fabulous shot Mike. What a great capture.

  • Jan Winther

    I think this is one of your best lightning shots, Mike.