The Hills are Alive

Lightning over the Catalinas

Man. It’s been awhile since I’ve been that sick. Strange abdominal pain. 103 temp. Trip to the ER. Almost 10 days being completely away from the online world. And the whole time with the iPad on my lap re-watching Battlestar Galactica. God bless Netflix.

Happy to report I got through all 76 episodes. And yes, it was awesome as always.

Anyways, despite being sick, it was a nice break from everything. Cleared my head a bit, stopped thinking about what I’m usually obsessed about(photography) and just laid around, soaking up up some time off. Felt good.

Also feels good to be back posting again. This particular image was shot on July 30th down in Tucson over the Catalina Mountains. My buddy Ken Peterson and I left around 1-2pm and spent the day timelapsing and waiting for the sun to go down so we could shoot some lightning.

Witnessing lightning over these mountains is something to behold. I assume the people living down there are used to it, but the sheer power and frequency was amazing.

Normally to get these many strikes in one shot takes a long exposure, maybe one around 30+ seconds. This was only 10 seconds. That’s it. Five strikes. And this is actually cropped a bit, losing another strike that was off camera left.

(canon 5d mark ii, canon 85mm 1.8, f/7.1, iso 100, 10 sec)

  • Heath O’Fee

    Wow, dude. That is a ridiculous amount of lightning in one frame! Nicely done.

    Glad you hear you’re back in action and feeling better. We’ve missed you here on the interwebs 🙂

  • Chris Nitz

    Welcome back, and it is good to hear you survived the plague 😉 Also, BSG while sick is the best cure ever. Great shot to start the week, and that is just a crazy amount of lighting in one frame.

  • Bill

    Just free nightly entertainment down here,not so much lately but they say it is coming back.

  • Dave DiCello

    Wow dude, five strikes in 10 seconds??? That’s crazy! Glad yo uwere there to capture it, this is perfect Mike!

  • Brian Furbush

    Wow man, that’s a crazy amount of lightning in a 10 second span. Glad you’re back up and at ’em too!

  • Len Saltiel

    This is sick Mike. Absolutely awesome.

  • Ron

    Good to see you’re back. I’m still strugling to catch 1 strike, but Italy is more specialised in another type of strikes. Great photo.

  • Scott Wood

    Very nice. Some of my favorite lightning images are over the Catalina’s from when we lived down there.

  • Jesse

    Welcome back. Killer frame, just love the hills and cactus.

  • Tim Gibson

    Glad you’re feeling better – great shot! It’s always nice to take a break!

  • KpAustinWeird

    Obsession? Who obsesses over such things? Great shot. You do live in a magical place.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

  • Chris Frailey

    Looks like a dance of lightning. Glad to hear you are back to the living.

  • Curt Fleenor

    Absolutely killer shot Mike! Glad you’re back in the land of the living.

  • Rick Louie

    This one makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up! Glad you are feeling better and back sharing!

  • A.Barlow

    Really cool shot Mike. Nice job. Hope you’re feeling better. Sometimes you just gotta lay around. I was just sick also, starting to get better, and yeah… exactly what I did!

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Impressive! Glad you are feeling better!

  • Toad Hollow Photography

    Really sorry to hear you weren’t well, Mike! I am really relieved to see you back again, my friend. This place was not the same without you, that is FOR SURE!

    What a fabulous image, my friend! It’s like the sky opened up and just let loose!! Great shot!

  • Edith Levy

    Glad to hear your feeling better Mike. Awesome image…great capture.

  • murphyz

    Welcome home!! That’s some awesome looking lightning, nicely done as always.