Downpour on the San Tans

San Tan Downpour - Arizona

(click, see larger, dark background, you get the idea)

It’s kind of interesting if you ever go back to just wipe out old RAW files that you realize you’ll never, ever process, so may as well just recover some disk space. While I do usually end up deleting a ton of files, sometimes you discover those that you just plain forgot about. And at the same time, you may have improved your processing techniques enough that suddenly an image that didn’t “move” you before, suddenly speaks to you in a new way.

This shot is from waaaay back on August 17th, 2010, a full year and a handful of days ago. I had been lucky enough to capture this isolated thunderstorm dropping rain over the San Tan Mountains, which were close neighbors of mine until we moved downtown last October.

Snagging moments like this one are up there with my favorites…like lightning, or someday a tornadic supercell. That lonely, solitary storm dropping a heap of rain on a single spot in the desert. It’s kind of what the monsoons are all about out here. Sure, we can get walls of storms that are miles and miles wide…but a lot of the time it’s hit or miss.

(canon rebel xsi, tamron 17-35mm 2.8, 17mm, f/14, iso 100, 1/50th – buy print)

  • Dave DiCello

    Man that is a lot of rain in just one spot! Looks great in B&W Mike, stunning landscape, Ansel would be proud!

  • Brian Furbush

    Wow, this is seriously badass with the dramatic B&W processing…love how the clouds just scream off the page at you.

  • Jesse

    Are you kidding me?

  • Chris Frailey

    Nice little gem you stumbled upon. 🙂

  • Scott Ackerman

    Love the bold contrast. Great shot bud!

  • A.Barlow

    Glad you didn’t wipe this one out man. It’s awesome!

  • jina

    This is awesome. For some reason, I like it more after reading what you wrote. Hmmmm

  • Rick Young

    Well done Mike

  • Scott Wood

    Would have sucked to delete such a strong image. Hard drive space is cheap 🙂

  • Jon Stolarski

    Love this in B&W, great shot and processing!

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Love how those clouds just dwarf the mountain! Great B&W conversion!