Saguaro Alley

Saguaro Alley Phoenix Arizona Desert

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Last week Wednesday  marked the first day out stormchasing the 2011 Arizona monsoon. In reality, nothing much happened other than few isolated, brief downpours over Phoenix. I met up with my buddy Chris Frailey who has joined the cause of tossing his gas money down into the gully where I dump mine…and we drove around Bush Highway a bit over by Saguaro Lake and got a few shots, but nothing “stormy” to speak of.

As usually happens, this picture was by accident. I was looking behind this scene as I was driving at some clouds and was trying to find some cactus to get in the shot since there was little else to use in the area. As I got out of the truck, I looked up and saw this lone cloud all lit up by the setting sun and it turned out to be a much better shot than I what I was going for.

I’m pretty beat. This holiday weekend actually seemed to last a looong time, mostly because I didn’t sleep a whole lot. Watched the entire Lord of The Rings: Extended Edition on Blu-Ray, and chased Saturday, Sunday and last night. I have a few lightning captures to post, one of them something I haven’t shot before and it will land on the blog tomorrow for Movie Title Wednesday.

Time for a break though. Tonight, I’m going to sit back and wait to see if any storms roll through downtown Phoenix, and if so, then I shoot, if not, I will be lazy on the couch.

(exif: canon 5d mark ii, canon tamron 17-35mm 2.8, 17mm, iso100, f/13)

  • Chris Frailey

    Big thanx Mike for getting me hooked. My gas fund is really appreciative. 🙂 Looking forward to the summer of chasing.

  • A.Barlow

    This place is awesome man! Nice shot.

    You comment about the gas money… man.. so, so true, lol.

  • Dave DiCello

    Really great POV here Mike, those catcti look like they are touching the sky! Awesome shot dude

  • Toad Hollow Photography

    Love the composition here on this shot, Mike, and that fabulous cloud there really adds a dash of drama. Hope you manage to get out soon, there’s GOTTA be a storm coming your way!! I am doing my “get Mike a storm” dance right now. I don’t dance very well, so I don’t expect the greatest results, but I’m tryin’!

  • Mark Blundell

    awesome shot – very well composed with the leading lines.